Monday, July 23, 2012

Chef Mary's Favourite Sandwich

This sandwich evolved several years ago during an extremely hungry afternoon ! I was in a hurry and just grabbed a few ingredients, stacked them on wheat bread and baked the sandwich in the oven. It was so good I made it several times after that, and friends loved it so much, that I decided to put in on the menu at our family Pub/Restaurant. 
But what to call it ??
It consists of thinly sliced Smoked Turkey Breast, Fresh Spinach Leaves, Avocado, Monterey Jack Cheese and my Parmesan Garlic Buttermilk Dressing. All of these scrumptious ingredients were then stacked between two slices of toasted wheat bread, then baked in the oven till all the gooiness was warm and dripping with melted cheese !
The hard part was coming up with a name ! If it was going on the menu, I had to call it something. I didn't want to just single out a couple of ingredients though, as all of them married together so deliciously !
It was one of our wait staff who eventually stated 'Why don't you just call it Chef Mary's Favourite Sandwich ?' 
And so a new sandwich was born, and became one of our most requested items on the menu !

Chef Mary's Favourite Sandwich


2 slices of Wheat Bread, toasted
2 oz Smoked Turkey Breast, sliced thinly [or more if you like....I don't like thick sandwiches where the corners of your mouth crack due to having to open your mouth so wide !]
1/4 Avocado, sliced
Fresh Spinach, small handful
Monterey Jack Cheese, enough to cover the above ingredients [or again...more if you like !]
Parmesan Garlic Buttermilk Dressing, to spread on both sides of wheat toast


Toast 2 slices of Wheat Bread [ you don't want soggy bread]
Spread Dressing on both sides
Stack Spinach, Smoked Turkey Breast and Avocado on one side
 Top with Monterey Jack Cheese
Place other side of sandwich on top
Put on baking tray and heat in the oven, approx 375 degrees, until cheese is melted and sandwich is warmed through.
If you have a Panini Press [which I don't....Santa wishlist], the sandwich could also be cooked on this.

So there you have it ! I do hope you enjoy this delicious sandwich !

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  1. This looks really good. Perfect choice for lunch.

  2. Thanks Kim....It's not a 'heavy' sandwich, so your right, it is great for lunch ! So nice of you to stop by, I really appreciate it when someone comments ! <3